Taking It In Stride
February 28, 2012, 9:12 pm
Filed under: February 2012
Hoss and Knight pulling the sap sled

February 28, 2012

     Work continues for the maple syrup operation. Today we got another sled load of firewood. That takes our woodshed total to 5 cords, not counting what we have already burned up. I believe that will be enough for this season. Although if I need to cut more … that would be a good problem to have, because that would mean an extended season!
     Hoss and Knight are taking it all in stride. Each day we do some kind of work. The way the weather looks, we may even get to plow some in this early season. I am enjoying my farm time and like the horses, I am just taking it all in stride.
     Our local news is very sad these last couple of days. A young man went to school and shot several kids in a random act of violence. The school where it happened is fifty miles away or so, but the sad feelings do not know the boundary of time and distance. My heart goes out to all the folks involved. I pray that Christ’s love will comfort the grieving families of the dead children and the family of the young shooter as well. A terrible senseless tragedy, that has touched the lives of many, causes all of us, to pause and pray.
     News like that is hard to take in stride. It makes any sane person realize just how short life can be. It makes me want to hug my family at least one more time…just for good measure 😮
     Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. We will gather sap and surely get wet doing it. I am sure many of us will be soaked almost to the skin. The horses will be steamy as they work, but will pay no attention to the wet weather. They will just keep working and …… take it all in stride!

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