Leap Day?
February 29, 2012, 10:04 pm
Filed under: February 2012
King all stretched out

February 29, 2012

     I guess nobody told King it was leap day 😮 
     We worked in the sugarhouse again today. The sap ran well last night, but was all quiet by today’s end. We need some cold weather now, to get us jump started again.
     The wind is cranking up and the rain is falling hard as I write. Looks like March may be coming in like a lion. I am OK with that. A little more winter snow, ice and mud followed by a real old-fashioned spring would be wonderful. It has been too many years since we could have blossoms not ruined by frost or deep snow.. and I won’t even talk about all of our rain last year.
     The sap roads are muddy. The horses trod through them like it’s no big deal. I tried walking through one…believe me… it’s a big deal. My boot wanted to stick and my foot wanted to move, the argument almost brought down the house. Had it not been for my cat-like reflexes, I would have been treading water for sure.
     I did find out that even though today is Leap Day all over the world, a middle-aged fat guy can’t leap a four-foot mud path cleanly… Lets just leave it at that 😮

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