Righted a Wrong
March 1, 2012, 9:43 pm
Filed under: March 2012
Breaker box newly installed
March 1, 2012
     In my one barn we had a breaker box that was in terrible condition. The old door wouldn’t stay shut and the wires somewhat resembled a bird’s nest. Thankfully, an electrician sorted the whole mess out and replaced all that was needed. I am sure I avoided an accident. I will sleep better knowing that this has been repaired.
     I wonder sometimes, why does it take so long to do the right thing. Usually I make good choices and keep my mouth shut when needed. Every now and then, I do stray from that line of thinking and say or do something that offends someone. I know what needs to be done, but sometimes it takes a long time to making that relationship repair. Shame on me.
     I guess it is fairly easy knowing what to do when I am the one who messed up. The hardest part is when I have no idea that I made someone mad or hurt them in some way. Sometimes when I find out, I still keep my distance because what I said or did was not intentional. I guess that doesn’t matter, life is too short to spend even one day mad at someone.
     I am honest and direct to a fault. I have put my foot in my mouth several times. I never thought about it too much. It’s easy not to care what someone thinks and that still doesn’t bother me. I only care if what I said causes someone pain… then I need to fix it… even if I don’t want to do it.
     On the news today, a girl about 15 years old was walking into the high school where the students were killed in a random act of violence. The young lady held her father’s hand. She told the newsman that she usually didn’t hold her father’s hand in public … but today, she didn’t want to let go….. I am sure they both needed that 😮
     I can’t hold my daddy’s hand or give my mother a hug. I take comfort that both of them knew how much that I loved them. There were no cross words between us. All of the wrongs and been righted. I take comfort in that. I hope to keep all my dealings square, take care of any problems before they can fester. There is true joy in it for everybody involved.
     Lastly, have your electrical service checked especially if you blow a breaker every time you start up the air compressor!

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