For the love of birds
March 3, 2012, 1:07 am
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Purple Martin House

                                           March 2, 2012 

     Our children bought me this Purple Martin house for a Christmas gift. I was delighted. Attracting these beneficial birds has been on my “to do” list for quite some time. The house came in “kit” form with some assembly required.     

     My wife and I were reading that you must have the Martin house up in very early March for our locale, in order for the male scout birds to find it. The scout birds travel ahead of the main flock to search for suitable nesting places for them. So, getting the house up in time is very important.     

      We decided that tonight after supper we would put it all together so that I can get it up on the pole tomorrow. Did I say that some assembly was required? Oh my God… some assembly turned out to be an almost punishment!     

     It told us to put together the majority of pieces with quarter-inch screws. They meant quarter-inch long… way too small for old stiff fingers and carpel tunnel!.It took us over four hours for the “some assembly” part. My back and shoulders feel like I was dragged down the highway, both hands are cramped and I have lost all feeling in my finger tips.     

     I sure hope those birds appreciate our efforts! I also hope the scout birds don’t fly too far ahead of the main flock, so that I have time to get the house up in time for their inspection. There were a few times that I thought they might be nesting in our dumpster. I also hope they like the color because I cussed so much half of the paint wanted to peel off 😮     

     I was even considering just putting up more bat houses in order to control mosquitos. The barn swallows do a good job, maybe they would be enough. We fought our way through this project and now I understand why the price on a ready to use Martin house is so expensive… no one in their right mind would put one together twice! It must simply be for the love of birds!



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It looks very nice! You know what? They have a way to fix those hands. Don’t bull with it. Steve had both hands done within a week of each other, and was back to wrenching in 4 weeks. I know that seems too much time to have your hands tied, so to speak, but the eventual outcome is worth it. (or so I hear). 1/4″ screws, did you pull your glasses to the end of your nose too? Giggle. Now that it is done and you are going to put it up, what location did you decide? Will you be able to enjoy it from the house? Oh, and one last thing, we too are quite sore from our visit; with some exertion required. LOL! ❤ every minute of it. Next time, my footwear won't have a hole.

Comment by Charlie

hahahaha I offered to help but somebody wanted the garage done remember?? hehehehehe when the birds come it will be worth it afterall you still love your Martin gal dont ya??? cant wait to see it in good use xoxoxoxoxoxx

Comment by gert aka Donna

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