The View From Here
March 5, 2012, 8:29 pm
Filed under: March 2012

Backside of the Sugarhouse

                                        March 5, 2012     

 The sap did not run for the last couple of days. The temperature is cold and much welcomed for our maple syrup operation. We ran errands today and made use of the time. It seems the day went too fast and just like steam in the air, is now gone.    

      Why is it that folks talk about their “view” and it can mean so many things. I love the views on this farm, when talking about the landscape. I don’t even mind looking at things that need repaired… BUT I am pretty tired of all the phone calls about people’s political views!     

      Tomorrow is “Super Tuesday”. I will surely cast my vote and excercise my right as an American. I can only hope that with the election over, folks with recorded messages, will stop all the calling! I think it’s an outrage that the incessant calls are allowed. I think it borders on harassment.

      In the photo above, you will see the backside of my sugarhouse. I think she is a grand lady from any angle. I will tell anybody who will listen. I even write a bit too much about her in this BLOG, but I have yet to send anyone a recorded message about it!

      It’s my view that voting on a candidate is a personal choice. I pray people make informed decisions. I can only hope that people really don’t wait for TV commercials or recorded messages to sway their vote.

      I guess that’s my view from here!

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