Three Horse Hitch
March 6, 2012, 9:53 pm
Filed under: March 2012

A cord of three strands is not easily broken

                                                                     March 6, 2012

      It’s almost time to start plowing. I like to plow with a three-horse hitch. There is plenty of power when you need it. The horses don’t tire too fast because the work is shared by three instead of two.

      Today, it was a little muddy, so I hitched three horses to haul in firewood. I have not hitched these three together before today. Everything went perfect. I am very proud of “my boys”. They worked together like old professionals. I can only hope that next time goes like today.

      The sap started running again this afternoon. The temperature was good and cold last night. We had 15 degrees F when I woke up this morning. The sun came out shining bright and the temperature rose good all day. Tonight it is 44 under a beautiful full moon.

      My horses all got haircuts today. I like to keep their bridle paths cut short for ease of putting on halters and bridles. I also trim up manes and tails, just to make them look good. I guess if nobody else notices, at least I do and I like it. 

     A team of three is easy to drive. They take up one lane on the highway. They pass through farm gates with ease. They can navigate my woods paths very well. They rely on each other for strength and comfort. One horse is not back at the barn whinnying to the others. When the going gets tough, they hunker down, lean into their collars and pull together. They don’t get stuck and they possess an awesome amount of power  😮 

     I get goosebumps sometimes watching them pull…. my grandpas are smiling… of that… I am sure!

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