When the going gets tough…
March 7, 2012, 8:53 pm
Filed under: March 2012

Add more horsepower

                                                                March 7, 2012

      We gathered maple sap this afternoon. It was a good run. If my woods paths were a little wider I could have used three horses. The sled did drag hard. The mud is drying and the loads were full. Hoss and Knight handled it fine, but having Duke along too, would have made it easier on all of them.

      It was a beautiful day. The afternoon temperature was in the lower sixties. Man, what a day for March! I have a sister in Florida.  It was in the seventies there today… but not much changing of the seasons… She can have it :o, I like winter!

      Our weather is sure weird this year. Often, at this time,  we are still fighting snow drifts and lots of cold temperatures. This year is surely one for the record books. Our syrup season is going well in spite of the crazy weather roller coaster we are on.

      It is for sure that I will be plowing soon. The horses will be part of my usual advantage for this farm. I can plow long before the big tractors start tearing up the ground. I use the power of the horses and the freezing and thawing of our spring to make our soil mellow and ready to plant.

      Spring will get here soon enough. I want to continue enjoying the late winter and the maple syrup season. It is going very well, enough good weather, enough wood and enough helpers. As for the workload … When the going gets tough … I just add more horsepower 😮



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