The End Is Near
March 9, 2012, 7:47 pm
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Nearing the end of the maple sap season

                                                                   March 9, 2012

      The weatherman says the next seven days will be unseasonably warm. The night-time temperatures will also be above normal and nowhere near freezing. I am thinking the end of our sugaring season is very near.

      We gathered one section this afternoon, the rest of the trees were barely dripping. It is supposed to get cold tonight so we will get one more run this weekend. I believe we will be pulling our taps by Monday.

      We have made some very nice syrup. All of it has been Grade “A” light amber or better. I see no reason to keep taxing the trees just to make some dark syrup that will be sold for industrial use, like flavoring cigars. I want to end our season on a high note, making just a little more beautiful, tasty syrup.

      We learned a lot this season. There are several things we want to change before next year. One large task is that of improving our woods paths. Some drainage in a few areas, a culvert or two in a couple other places and general trail maintainance for all of it.

      I can say so far it has been successful. We covered some of the yearly costs and paid a little towards the long-term investment. It is a lifetime project. I never expected to recover my whole investment in one year or even five…good thing 😮

      There is still much to be done in the sugarhouse. We have to gather and boil the amount we collect after this weekend. Then the clean up work begins. I have set aside two full days to accomplish that task. I hope it is enough. Even though the sap season is ending…work around here will keep me going for a long time … and I am perfectly fine with that!



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hey papa since the sugarhouse will be getting quiet, can we please please plant some chocolate trees……just a thought we could grind it up in the sugarhouse right?? and Mom loves chocolate too a double bonus haha i for one would be your first worker or even just the taste tester…………im sure you can make it happen if you have the right plans huh papa please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by gert aka Donna

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