March 10, 2012, 4:28 pm
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King and Abe sorting it all out

                                                                  March 10, 2012

      Our dog King and the ram Abe are agreeing to co-exist. It seems they probably will never be pals, but they can agree to meet in the middle. Each one has a specific job. Both are valued for different reasons. Neither can do the other’s job. I am fond of both of them.

      It’s like this in life too. I know people who I will never be “pals” with, but I can respect them. There are men I will never respect, but I will respect their positions. I have even worked for a few scoundrels that fell way short of my expectations, but I managed to get through it all, holding my head high.

      I understand that I don’t have to like someone to work or get along with them. It is just as easy as here on the farm. Many animals are not great friends, some will even eat the others! I will say however, that on this farm they co-exist. The bull, the ram and the boar all have specific jobs that neither one can do for the other. They mostly hate each other, but our farm would not be prolific without them.

      I as the farmer,I have the job to insure all the creatures get along. I do this by separating some of them, keeping a close eye out and by understanding them. I know who will get along with who. I know just how far I can push things before trouble ensues. My boar would eat the rooster in an instant. The proud rooster crows and struts in front of the resting boar showing off for the hens. I herd him along to join his flock. The boar is not threatened, I am in charge and the rooster still thinks he is the cock of the walk as do his hens 😮

      It is the balance like I just described that makes our world go around. I think I am in charge, my wife bends me in the way she wants, the animals get fed at choretime, squealing with delight. They think they called me, I think that it is choretime, my wife gets me out from under foot to fix supper or some other task and all of us think it was “our” idea.

      I know there are folks that will never befriend me. I know there are people who I will never befriend, but it is okay. We need only to respect each other and go our separate ways. If only countries could govern like this… no muscle flexing, no wars and no pain.

      Alas it is not to be…not enough folks grew up on a farm where this struggle is all sorted out. So we push and shove cause hurt and pain arguing over “who” is right..nobody wins, especially the soldiers and displaced citizens. Again, we don’t have to be friends… we just need to co-exist.

      The dog and ram will get along. The boar and bull will sort it out between theselves…but just like in the world… There is that strutting rooster who has to ruin it for everyone …. My hope is that we learn to respect each other .. even if we never do become … pals.



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Very well put Ralph!!

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