Three is not a crowd
March 18, 2012, 8:47 pm
Filed under: March 2012

Hoss, Duke and Knight

                                                    March 19, 2012

      The old saying that two’s company and three’s a crowd must have been invented by someone other than a draft horse person. I am about to start the job of finishing picking my corn. Three horses pulling a gravity wagon will be a good thing.

      The mud won’t be too deep or the load too heavy for my three pals. They will navigate the wet, boggy soil with ease. They stand while I pick , then move forward a little when I ask them. They beat a tractor at this job hands down.

      My tractor probably wouldn’t get stuck either. However, it would make deep ruts and every time I need to move it up a little bit, I have to climb up on the seat and move it. My old knees don’t take too well to all that on and off the tractor stuff.

      There isn’t too much corn left to pick. When that job is finished, we will start plowing. Spring is surely here and plowing is one job where ….. Three is not a crowd!



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