It won’t be long
March 23, 2012, 8:29 pm
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Home Canned Peaches

                                                     March 23, 2012

      I have been tied up by my off farm job and the work that piles up while I am giving my attention there. It’s not an excuse for my missing posts, it is the truth. Priorities can now shift and my soul will once again be fulfilled.

      We have had the most unusual weather that I have ever known these last few months. It is now in the 80’s during the day in these last days of March. This is a time when we are usually slopping through mud, putting up with the last of the snow and ice and longing for Spring.

      It seems that I am still longing for spring. We went from a warm late winter to … Summer! I am not ready nor are the farm animals. Our blood is too thick yet and some still have on their winter coats. It’s just plain hot.

      I fear that the cold will return and stay just long enough to kill the tender buds and blossoms that are appearing everywhere. Those blossoms are the future fruit crop of apples, pears, strawberries, grapes and my favorite… peach. This only names a few of the crops that could be in trouble if winter returns.

      The ground is drying out. Many people are planting peas and potatoes and a few other early crops. Alas, I am not ready. Perhaps next week will find me caught up on chores and a few items on my list. I have the garden plowed, but it lies fallow waiting for the harrow.

      I know it won’t be long until the planting season is here and in full swing. That will start our farm year, I guess, mine now has a new twist, finish the syrup season and be ready to jump into planting season. I love this life and it’s a good thing 😮



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