Riding Alone
March 25, 2012, 6:29 pm
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Rocking with no sister in sight!

                                                   March 25, 2012

      John and his daddy came over the other day. John’s big sister stayed home because she was a little under the weather. Johnny climbed into the rocking horse and took off for parts unknown. He was having a ball and did not have to stop to share his trusty mount with anybody!

      Often the brother and sister duo, ride together. They giggle and laugh with wild abandon. I, on the other hand, am a nervous wreck waiting for small toes to be crushed. They have not got their little piggies yet, but I fear one day in might happen.

      When riding one at a time, the rider knows where his feet are. When they double up, anything could happen. I even think the old wooden horse is going to gallop out of the kitchen. John was planted in the seat. His feet were tucked away on the front board for that purpose. He held on with both hands and put the spurs to his mount. He had a grand time. He even almost lost his coonskin cap once.

      I would hate to have been a cowboy riding the range all alone. It would have been fun for a while, but then the loneliness would have set in. I guess you could talk to your horse, but a one-sided conversation is not much fun. I enjoy talking to folks way too much to be alone. I would venture to say that I border on talking too much … a gift from my dad 😮

      I can understand John’s delight about being away from his sister for a little while. I too had a sisters that I wanted to run away from sometimes. It’s funny how I couldn’t wait to get away, but then always look forward to getting back home again. We are all grown now,  with lives and families and all the world pulling us in different directions… but all we have to do is pick up the phone and we are home once again.

      I guess I march to the beat of a different drum. I may have been born a little too late for some folks. I prefer to think that I was born at the right time. I am connected to the old ways and have much experience to share. I am thankful for the opportunity to do just that. You probably won’t find me riding alone very often … instead, look for the small crowd gathered around a guy talking about draft horses, old equipment or farm animals… and there I’ll be 😮



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I thought Min might comment first…however, ha ha ha…you’ll never get too far away!

Comment by Charlie

Well I would have commented sooner had I been able to play on the computer,
Well there were many times when we were younger that I liked it when you ran away and left me alone for awhile!! 🙂 But your right nothing will keep us apart! Don’t forget the many rides home from Cherry Hill. 🙂 Good Old Cinammon and Stormy!!! 🙂 Love Ya!!

Comment by Mindy

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