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March 28, 2012, 7:55 pm
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Me and Duke

                                                   March 28, 2012

      I bet lots of men will be jealous of my business partner Duke. He is a silent partner for sure. He never complains. He never worries about profits or the stock market. The dress code is entirely up to me. He couldn’t care less about jeans on Friday.

      He is always glad to see me. He always lets me lead and be in charge. When things go bad, he stands quiet and never says, “I told you so.” He has not once asked to drive a company vehicle, but he is always ready to pull me around in one 😮

      When the work gets tough, Duke hunkers down and pushes harder. He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t get stuck. He is very happy with just an apple for a bonus.

      There are several of us on the team. Duke waits his turn, does his best and contributes with every part of his being. I am fond of this powerhouse. We used to get very displeased with each other, but then one day we had a breakthrough. I am not sure yet how that all transpired, but the turn-around has been amazing.

      I almost dissolved our partnership last year. I had grown tired of Duke’s commitment to always piss me off. I was going to send him down the road and never look back. He apparently figured out that he was on my last nerve, because it was as if someone turned a switch… Duke simply melted into a bidable, loveable horse that will turn himself inside out for me.

      I speak a lot nicer to him. I pet him more often that ever before. He runs to see me at the pasture gate. I am not sure if he is a brown- noser or if he truly likes me, but he is sure nice to be around. We are partners. We work together, each of us leaning on the other…just as it should be… in life, farming or business.



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He’s a Brown Noser!! Learned it from the BEST!! 🙂 You always got away with it with mom. And you sure do your best with Connie!! Gotta love ya!!!

Comment by Mindy

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