March 30, 2012, 8:34 pm
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Pioneer cart for the single horse

                                                    March 30, 2012

      I am thinking lots of people will forgo their vacation plans this year and find things to do near home. The price of gasoline continues to rise and the budgets won’t budge. I am enjoying a “staycation” of my own.

      I have been doing all sorts of things, but my most favorite, is using the draft horses. I have cleared a new sap road in the woods and cleaned up the sugarhouse for the season. I am currently engaged in picking last years corn and filling the woodshed with next years wood.

      I have been having a ball. I have used my single horse for a bunch of stuff and am considering using him for short trips into town. The bank drive through may be a problem, but who knows?! Duke is pretty steady and no one would blame me for trying to cut expenses… like fuel!

      I am hoping many people explore the local parks and beeches this year. There are so many interesting things all around us. We just need to slow down and look. I think spending a day fishing would be a good family event, not to mention just the hike along the creek looking for that perfect spot.

      We have many State parks here in Ohio. This year would be a good time to find one near you, make plans and start a whole new tradition. Just being around family and nature is a wonderful thing.

      When I was a young boy, money was a fleeting thing. I still have many memories to share that revolved around picnics and such. One of my most favorite, was going to a place “Where the road goes into the water.” An old part of State Route 88 collapsed into the reservoir. The road was rebuilt a little ways away, but the old road ran right into the water.

      One of my most cherished memories about a picnic held there a long time ago, is my grandma’s homemade peach pie. I can not only almost taste the pie, but I can just about hear her voice as she asks, “Who wants pie?”   Good Lord grandma … Everyone wants pie!

      As you consider making plans to do nothing for one reason or another, reconsider doing nothing together as a family. Have a ball and make a memory that will last a lifetime…. I thank God that we did.



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