I’m working on it!
April 6, 2012, 4:13 pm
Filed under: April 2012

Little hen about to lay and egg

                                                          April 6, 2012

      This little hen is a bit ticked off at me. I reached under her to get the eggs. She had not laid her egg yet. She was mad at me for disturbing her. She even looked at me as if to say, “I’m working on it!”

      I sort of know how she feels. I have accomplished many tasks these last couple of weeks, yet work still stares back at me. I feel like yelling, “I’m working on it!”

      We have taken down what seems like miles of old barbed wire fence as well as, cut a mountain of firewood. The wood shed is almost full and yes, … I am working on it!  Half of my corn still needs picked and I am working on that job too. I think the rain might slow me down some on that job … But there is always wood to do 😮

      The grass is growing and seems to need mowed way too often already. I have to add that job to my list of stuff to do too, because I hate for it to look overgrown and messy. It is a wonderful thing to have so many jobs to do … AND, be healthy enough to do them.

      Our weather is a month ahead of schedule, making many of us feel pushed. I am trying to stay focused on the fact that it is only April 6th. There is plenty of time for working, so I need to relax a little … Well, guess what?    I am working on it!   😮



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