Hidden Treasure
May 4, 2012, 3:42 pm
Filed under: May 2012

Treasure hiding semi trailer

                                                       May 5, 2012

      This old semi caused quite a stir when I brought it home. Actually, when I had it brought home. I had to pay for the trailer $500.00 plus an additional $280.00 to have it hauled to the farm. My wife could not see the beauty in it … or my vision 😮

      We took the wheels and axle off. We also removed the old crank down dolly wheels and a few hanging, unidentified pieces that were once part of the frame. I placed a good bed of stone under the trailer and set it down on railroad ties. The photo doesn’t show it too well, but we leveled it up too.

      I next made a dirt mound to partially hide her hulking framework and added a few bushes to help camouflage this beauty. It makes a doggone good shed for some of my other “treasure” to be kept out of the weather.

      My wife and I developed the word treasure for my “stuff”.  She often thinks it’s junk but I know better 😮 She actually thought my trailer shed was junk, but I know that I could not have bought a 8×24 foot by 10 foot high building for $780.00… Especially given the fact that it is of aluminium construction and should outlast me!

      We have agreed to give it a coat of olive drab paint to help it disappear into the landscape even better. I think the paint will also protect it from the elements and give it that “fresh look” and maybe even “curb appeal” to use the words from Home and Garden television! I can also use the phrase “going green”.. man I am one trendy guy!

      The trailer shed is now home to some food grade barrels, my sap sled and a big plastic tank that shouldn’t be left in direct sunlight. The aforementioned treasure is stowed neatly, out of sight and right near where it will be used..call it what you will, but I will call it … hidden treasure!


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