Misty Morning Relaxation
May 3, 2012, 9:12 am
Filed under: May 2012

The boys resting in the grass

                                                          May 3, 2012

      The fog this morning transforms my farm into a place far away. It seems like England or perhaps Ireland. The emerald-green pastures seem to re-enforce this fact. Today, just to add to the view, my horses laid down in the deep grass and dozed in the early morning fog. I took a short vacation and never left the confines of my living room.

      These past few days and what is forecasted for today is HOT weather. The horses and I are not ready for summer yet. It is hard on all of us, but my poor momma sheep, uncomfortable and very pregnant, have a real dislike for these muggy days.

      The grass is growing well in the wet, hot, muggy days. I guess I will take comfort in that. The hay fields are looking pretty good, so there is much to be happy about. Soon baby lambs will be playing together and that will make even the grumpiest guy smile 😮

      I am having no trouble finding work, even though the fields are too wet for spring work. Yesterday, I gathered one more load of scrap steel, as I continued to clean up. The horses and I worked in the cool of morning, but it was fleeting at best…It got hot quick!

      My raspberry plants have arrived. I am keeping them in the refrigerator until their bed drys up enough to plant them. I tried yesterday, but it was still too wet, even in the raised bed I made for them.

      I will continue to plan a while longer this morning, as all of us enjoy a misty morning, by resting or daydreaming. I think it’s good for all of us!


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