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May 11, 2012, 4:39 am
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Back patio facelift

                                                     May 11, 2012

      We just finished with an upgrade on our back patio. The project was started last year and finally it’s finished 😮 We haved lived here now for eleven years. In all that time we could not enjoy this space because it is oriented in direct sunlight, in all but the last few hours of the day.

      I am not the direct sunlight type. I much prefer the shade. I can still smell the apple cider vinegar wafting from my red skin, from staying in the sun too long. The women in my family, both sides, relied on the vinegar to take the sting out of sunburn. It did work, I guess, but getting the smell out of your memory is impossible.

      The new sunshade will allow for comfort while dining. It will still be breezy and cool, well-lit and comfortable. The beating sun will have to pick on somebody else. OK, for those of you sun  worshippers who enjoy the heat on your skin, I left a portion uncovered where chairs can be moved, so as to enjoy old “Sol”.

      It took a while to get this job completed, but it was worth the wait. It looks good. It’s paid for and my wife loves it!


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Oh my memories of vinegar dosing are as strong as the odor it produced…however, it does work, tried and true. By the way, the patio looks wonderful, I am glad you both will be able to enjoy it more often now.

Comment by Charlie

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