The next generation
May 12, 2012, 4:40 am
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Shadrach the ram

                                                       May 12, 2012 

     Shadrach is a young ram. He will be our flock’s main man next December. He strolls around the farm getting to know the ladies and hanging out with our old ram Abe.

      The ewes are all lambing so breeding is far from their minds. The rams have nothing to fight over, so they are friends. Even next year, as long as I keep the boys together, there will be almost no fighting.

      I guess it’s like two roosters raised together. Usually they won’t scrap as long as everything is status quo. Take one rooster and rub dirt on his head and the fight is on! He is mad because he has dirt on his head, and the other rooster doesn’t recognize him … So the fight is on! (I guess mischievous farmboys know stuff like that)

      The older I get, the less I want to fight. Well, that is until someone rubs dirt on my head! I have found that life is way too short to be cross with anyone for long. All that bitterness eats a guy up, has no solution and ends ugly for everyone.

      Shadrach and Abe will spend the summer eating and being together. When autumn comes and the days get longer, Abe will be sent off to another farm. He will spread his genetics there. Shadrach will stay here and become our herdsire. The key is to make the move before testosterone becomes a problem.

      Everyone wins this way. Abe is the handsome older gentleman who the ewes will look up to. Shadrach will be the wild-eyed, young man that makes the ladies swoon. He has no relatives here, so “Katie bar the door”, every ewe is a date 😮

      So it goes, the next generation will populate the farm. I guess that is simply how it works …….

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