Mother’s Day
May 13, 2012, 4:19 am
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First time mom

                                                       May 13, 2012

      The lambs are starting to hit the ground. They are cute babies no doubt, but the neatest thing for me is watching the new mothers. They go from grazing sheep to worry warts in one day.

      Katahdin sheep have great mothering ability. They do not have to be jugged with their babies like most commercial sheep do. The other mothers have to be kept penned up with their babies until they bond with them. Katahdins, have their babies, stay in a small area for a day by themselves, then join the flock, knowing without question who their baby is in a crowd 😮

      It is the neatest thing to see the little ones all playing or running about. Then, all of a sudden, one of them will bleat, it is nothing short of pandemonium, as everyone scrambles to find their mom. In just a minute, tails are wagging like mad, as they latch on to a teat for a meal.

      The transformation from regular sheep to a mom is much like humans I think. Once a baby comes, life is forever changed. We all worry just a bit about ourselves, but the needs of the babies become all-consuming. The babies don’t know any different, and run to mom for meals , comfort and safety.

      The bond between child and parent is a strong one. Mom worries, frets and waits the rest of her life for the children. A nuzzle, a hug or the three little words … I love you, is payment enough for a lifetime of caring.

      I will have a cup of coffee this afternoon at the grave of my mother. I will sit and just take time to remember her. Sure, I will wish that I hugged her one more time, but I will thank her for all she has done. I will visit for just a while and tell her that I love her, knowing that she knew, because I never held back …. I am so very glad of that fact!

      Happy Mother’s Day mom!


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