May 15, 2012, 2:25 pm
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Noah’s Playground

                                                      May 15, 2012

      I took this picture one day last week, when the rain had let up for a minute. You can see Noah’s progress rooting up a strip of old pasture. I promised readers from yesterday’s post, a view of Noah’s progress in root-a-tilling. He is doing a fine job.

      I will disc this strip, level it with a spike tooth drag, then plant purple topped turnips. The turnips make excellent feed for the sheep. The hogs too enjoy the fleshy bulb, but prefer the greens best. The sheep will graze the turnips in winter, eating them down into the ground.

      The place where Noah is working his magic, will also be planted to Dwarf Essex rape. The rape is an old-time plant that sheep and hogs relish. I bought my seed for both crops from Johnny’s Selected Seed in Albion Maine. I of course didn’t travel, but rather, purchased the seed over the internet.

      The strips of rape and turnips are making good use of this old pasture. There are strips of pumpkins going into this field as well, but those strips were made by conventional means … I didn’t use the root-a-tiller soon enough 😮

      I will say again, that the benefit of the open bottom hog pen goes beyond the strips of tilled soil. It keeps my boar exercised, healthy and happy. He is also staying where I want him and saving me a little work in the process.

      I will use this pen later in the year as a home for 3 pigs, we will fatten for our freezer. I am sure the value in the power of 3 rooting pigs snouts, will be sung about in this blog.


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