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May 16, 2012, 6:07 am
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King and I in deep discussion

                                                    May 16, 2012

      Dogs are not supposed to swim in the pond every time they are let outside. I tried to explain to King,  why trying to catch fish at every opportunity, is not always a good idea. My sons would disagree, but they don’t have a soggy dog in their kitchen either!

      King evidently hates fish. He patrols the edge of the water until he spots a target. He leaps up to his neck into the water trying to grab his prize. He has not caught one or even come close so far, but it’s not for lack of trying.

      I don’t care of he cools himself off in the water. It even seemed like a good idea the first time he went swimming. I thought a good rinse would do him good… I was wrong! He holds enough water in his coat to lower the pond level a half-inch every time he gets out.

      He doesn’t shake much either. He would much rather walk up to an unsuspecting victim and lean up against them. All 125 pounds of him mashed up against your pants. He does dry off somewhat then. You, of course, are now soaked with pond water.

      It was a little funny right up until yesterday. My wife had some errands to run. She put on some casual, but nice clothes. She did her shopping and made a few stops around town. When she returned home, King ran to meet her………. 

     It dawned on me about then to call him to me just in case he was wet. It dawned too late. My usually quiet demure wife was cussing at the dog while trying to wipe dog hair and pond water off her slacks … I didn’t even grin … I knew better!

      So far, King has managed to still be allowed in the house. He must be dry. He also gets bathed more frequently, to mitigate the fish smell. His muddy feet must be wiped at the door. No problem here, we’ve been doing that since puppyhood.

      I have made a few mistakes, as we work through King’s latest phase. A porch step is not a good enough place for him to dry off. His blanket should not be left in his crate for him to lay on while he dries out. Towels are for baths, not pond rinses.

      I have also learned some new things too. Wet dog hair plugs everything. Pond water and wet dog, does indeed smell a little like fish. Wet hairy yellow dogs and new blue slacks do not go together.Lastly, have your wife fall in love with the dog, when he is a very cute puppy….this helps a lot.

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hahaha i just told mom the other day you need to install a dog wash out back…she said the patio is for people not kings place!! if you put his cage out there he will dry faster to with the breeze might help him smell fresh as spring!! we have catalogs for doggy washes we get at the carwash i need to bring one out for you to check out!! a few more times like this mom just might agree too!!

Comment by gert aka Donna

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