Soil Preparation
May 18, 2012, 9:33 pm
Filed under: May 2012

Hoss, Duke and Knight stir up the dust

                                                    May 18, 2012

      After getting their feet trimmed and their shoes reset, the horses and I spread soil amendments in the evening sun. The sun was hot, but a breeze made it comfortable. The horses did great in the soft soil and my home-made spreader worked well.

      My Amish buddy is at the lines. He is not any more comfortable in front of the camera than he is behind it. I snapped a few pictures as he helped me get the field corn ground ready for planting.

      The corn planter has a broken chain that I didn’t see when I put it away. I will get one tomorrow and hopefully the corn will be planted by the end of the day.

      We are still working on preparing the strips where pumpkins will be grown. The main garden also needs a bit more effort. All in good time, the work is progressing, the weather is cooperating and help is lining up. I am a man blessed … and I am thankful.

      I saw a few fields of freshly cut hay. I am thinking that job is out of reach for me just yet, but haying is right around the corner. I will continue to keep working in the dirt. Once the planting is all done, then I will start to plan the harvest of our hay… all in good time. The sun is making it grow after a wet time… it will wait..for now 😮

      As this day closes, I am a happy man. I had a good day filled with fellowship, friends and good horses. We worked on a few problems, made a few plans and continued to prepare the soil…. It was a wonderful day!


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