Forming the Beds
May 19, 2012, 9:12 pm
Filed under: May 2012

Plastic mulch laid on the beds

                                                       May 19, 2012

      What a long yet pleasing day 😮 I had some help from my Amish buddy Marvin. He and I formed the pumpkin beds and laid the weed block. He has a machine that does this all in one pass. I am grateful to him for letting me tap his knowledge and use his equipment.

      The mulch was laid in the strips that I had plowed earlier this month. We got the strips worked into a nice seedbed with the disc harrow and spike toothed drag. The loose fertile dirt was easy to work. The hours spent getting it all ready was well worth the effort.

      The “Plastic Mulch Layer” is a piece of equipment designed to be pulled along the soil. It forms the bed, lays a section of drip tape,  lays and covers the plastic mulch all in one smooth operation. This machine saved countless hours of work. It did an awesome job.

      Marvin and his family grow produce for a local market. They have much specialized equipment and even more experience for growing vegetables. I am just planning for some squash and pumpkins and perhaps a little bit of other stuff, on a small trial basis.

      My field of dreams is taking shape. The Root-A-Tiller is working well over on the edge of the field. The strips of hay look great. The garden strips are now laid out and looking professional. I just have to do all the planting yet.

      We managed to get the beds all formed, four acres of corn planted and a few things put away. I am just about all in, but what a great day. Now, speaking of beds … I’m going to go get ready to crawl into mine!


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