Summer Begins
May 29, 2012, 7:43 am
Filed under: May 2012

Noah … digging in the dirt

                                                       May 29, 2012

      The Memorial Day holiday is behind us. School is back in session for just a few more days, but according to the amusement parks and beaches, summer has now begun. I say, let’s get at it 😮

      I guess it’s time to do what you love. If you enjoy sports, swimming or laying on the sandy beach, now is the time to immerse yourself in those endeavors. Perhaps you enjoy gardening or digging in the dirt like my boar Noah, well just like the beach goers, now is the time to get at it.

      The soil is just right for growing stuff. The temperature has warmed the dirt and seeds planted, pop in just a few days. Flowers, transplanted from pots to the warm bed, reward in brilliant blooms. This is a great time of year, get out and enjoy it.

      I will also say, that for those of you who enjoy keeping a lawn in pristine condition, this is surely the time you enjoy most. I cut our grass, fight the edges and borders with a weed-eater and apply mulch to keep the weeds under control. I don’t, however, enjoy this type of work. I like the look once it’s done, but am not too crazy about doing it.

      The farm work is stacked like cord wood. Everywhere I look a job is waiting or perhaps even a little past due. I think this year it is because of our early spring and summer, as we run almost a month ahead of schedule. I am keeping up, but just barely. The good thing is, that I am not bored!

      The weather is about to head into a rainy period. I will use the time to rest, work on some inside projects and plan for summer. I guess it is just beginning 😮


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