Making the Earth move
May 30, 2012, 8:28 pm
Filed under: May 2012

modifying the sap unloading ramp

                                                          May 30, 2012

       We built the ramp of Earth, even before the sugarhouse was built. The ramp was in the wrong place, too tall and it made it hard to go out the gate. Today we began to modify the ramp. It is turning out well.

      Last year we got about 100 loads of ditch cleaning dirt when the state cleaned our front ditch. I pushed that wet, soggy, cat tail invested mess over the bank towards the sugarhouse. Now, a year later, what was once a quagmire will be used to make our old bank easier to mow.

      It is looking very good. It’s hard to believe what a guy can do with a machine, when he knows what he is doing 😮 I hope to mitigate several wet areas around the sugarhouse. It will make access easier and be much nicer to look at.

      I baled the last of the hay we had down. Now we just wait on the weather to cut some more. I am sure next week we will be back at it. The only showers are now for Friday. We didn’t get hardly any rain these last few storms, just enough to complicate haymaking.

      I am pleased tonight. All the hay is caught up, chores are done, a few things got crossed off the list and the Earth is moving in a good direction. There is much to be happy about.

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