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June 1, 2012, 3:49 pm
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View from the sugarhouse looking south

                                                 June 1, 2012

      The transformation in the land surrounding the sugarhouse grove is incredible. This photo was taken before the work started. This unsightly brush and brambles can only be controlled with goats… lots of goats. The only trouble with lots of goats is that they use the sugarhouse, woodshed and anything else for a gym set.

      The goats and other animals did indeed “tame” this mess so that we could get a different perspective of how it should look. More importantly, it allowed us the luxury to see where the water could and should be drained. That is the work that was completed yesterday.

      Today and last night the rain has been falling in a steady drizzle. The fields and crops are jumping almost as you watch them. The lush green is returning everywhere. The animals are enjoying a day without flies and the restful, slow day can be felt anywhere on the farm.

      I am so glad to always be working from a “master plan”. The work often takes time, but as long as you proceed in the right direction, progress is easy to see. Some of my projects take years to complete. I try to not borrow money, but rather, pay as I go.  This system does take longer, provides entertainment for others, but feels so good when they are done.

      The current way of the world is to do everything on credit, with a “have it now” mentality. I admit, sometimes I get tired of waiting, but force myself to come up with a solution before succumbing to the pressure of credit. The easiest way is to work harder, find small jobs that will make money. I skid logs, build a building or provide some service to another. This helps the cash flow, shows income for a small farming business and helps us to reach our goals…and hard work never hurt anyone..so they say 😮

       I can’t tell anyone what to do, but will suggest that you get out of debt as fast as possible. Work to live… don’t live to work. Enjoy your off time doing all the things you enjoy, for me it’s farming, working horses and growing stuff. I do like to hunt and fish, look at the stars and play a little music … all of which is made sweeter when I am surrounded by family and friends who love us.

      There is definitely a different view out at the sugarhouse and I hope I offered a different perspective than Bank of America, Visa and MasterCard.


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