Making second cutting hay
June 15, 2012, 5:58 pm
Filed under: June 2012

Mowed hay in the pumpkin strip field

                                                         June 15, 2012

      The weather has been perfect for making hay. I cut down the last of the first cutting this afternoon. I looked at the second cutting hay in the pumpkin field and decided to whack that down too. It was lush, tall and beautiful. The animals will really like it 😮

      The garden is calling me to weed and loosen the soil. I am simply too busy with hay to work in the garden for long. Maybe tomorrow morning I can do a little. The garden is doing real well despite not getting too much rain.

      I need to plant the late sweet corn very soon. It is near the top of the list … right after the hay. One must make hay while the sun shines! My wife even laughed a little today on how all-consuming hay making is for me. I just understand how small that window can be and I don’t want to waste a minute of it.

      I am amazed by the pumpkin field. It was grazed short by the sheep until May 15th. I plowed it then, making the pumpkin strips. The hay I cut today is about 60 days old. It looks like a picture, now if I can just get it baled and into the barn before rain … I will be one happy farmer!


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