So Far, So Good
June 16, 2012, 7:17 am
Filed under: June 2012

Pumpkins on plastic mulch

                                                      June 16, 2012

      The pumpkins seem to be doing well. The plastic is keeping the weeds away from the pumpkins. I do need to get the weeds cultivated in between the rows. Right now they are small, but soon will be menacing water stealers, that have to go!

      This experiment continues to go quite well. I am not exactly sure how much water they are getting, but they look good, with no signs of stress. The drip tape waters at the root zone, so it’s hard to see. One thing for sure, the tape is effective.

      The hay is now cut in the field around the pumpkins. They will soon be sending out their runners. This is the part of the plant where the pumpkins grow. I want to get the hay made and then apply composted manure to the green strips. I am thinking that when the runners grow out into that space, they will get nutrients from the manure too.

      I will soon have to treat the plants for powdery mildew and a few other plant diseases. These pumpkins are a little bit labor intensive, but so far so good   😮


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