A Father’s Day
June 17, 2012, 7:18 am
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Uncle Fred, standing in the steam, watching over me

                                                       June 17, 2012

      My dad has passed away. My father-in-law is now gone too. My grandfathers are all waiting on the other side as well. I am the next generation. The next one to make a mark on the hearts and minds of my family. A mark that I hope will last a long time and be as sweet as the maple syrup that we make.

      My uncles are all from my mother’s side of the family. My dad’s side had only great uncles, old men who were brothers to my grandma. My mom’s brothers have been my uncles and my pals for as long as I have memory. They have looked out for and watched over me, for all of my fifty-three years.

      My mom’s baby brother, my uncle Fred, has always had a special bond with me. He is the father of two daughters. I am sure that he is close to them too, but I was here first 😮 He took me hunting when I got my first deer. He helped me out over the years on more than one project, I’ll tell you. Now, in his retirement years, he chooses to spend time here on my farm, sharing yet another dream with me.

      Our sugarhouse had been a dream of mine for a very long time. My mother enjoyed feeding that dream. My dad’s parents lit the fire in the dream way back in the 1960’s, when I was just a boy. To see it finally come true was a highlight and then some. It seems only fitting to have the steamy, blurry photo in today’s post. It’s like all my family was there that first boil, gathered in mass to offer me congratulations, while my uncle Fred stood by.

      On this Father’s Day, I will make some second cutting hay. I will visit the resting place of my father and I will take phone calls from my family. I am sure some will drop by to visit, even my grandchildren will call to say hello. I will call my uncles as well. This is a day for fathers and men who have helped shaped your life.

      I can think of many great men in my life. These men had no relationship other than to be mentors. I would love to call and say thank you to them, but it is way too late, for they too have passed away. There was J Elliott, my first boss, E Jordan, the best pony man I ever knew and of course Dr. Ernie Kazar a man among men.

      On this day, take time to reflect upon your daddy. Hold him in your thoughts and prayers for just a little while. It makes no difference if he is alive or dead… the fact that you remembered him is all that he would want.


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