His First Birthday
June 18, 2012, 11:00 pm
Filed under: June 2012

King destroying his new toy

                                                    June 18, 2012

      King turned one year old on Father’s Day. He celebrated by taking a dip in his beloved pond, chewing on some old bone he found and playing with a new toy that “mom” bought him. His new toy is a squeaky monkey. He played with it quite awhile, then unceremoniously, ripped the poor monkey’s arm off! He is hiding it under his foot if you look close 😮

      We made our first second cutting hay, right in front of a small, short shower. The baler went back into the barn, just as the raindrops started to fall. It is very nice hay. The pumpkin field continues to be a success.

      King was happy to be playing in the pumpkin field while I baled hay in a big hurry to try to beat the rain. He, like any small boy left to his own plan, found an old pig wallow in the high grass. He was a muddy, stinky mess. I am so glad that I saw him before “mom” did. I got him cleaned up before company came.

      Our little pup who came here at eight weeks old weighing eighteen pounds, now weighs over one hundred and thirty. He is a big boy who likes the farm life as much as I do. So , this was his first birthday on the farm. We are looking forward to many more 😮


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