It’s Too Hot To Work Today Pa-Pa
June 20, 2012, 1:44 pm
Filed under: June 2012

My grandson in his straw hat

                                                  June 20, 2012

      The thermometer is sitting at 93 degrees F. It is hot, especially for us thick blooded northerners…. and even more especially for us fat ones 😮

       I hit the ground running this morning. I was in the hayfield by six-thirty am. I worked at loading round bales to get them all in before a thunderstorm pops up. It is hot and muggy much like weather seen in central Florida where my sister lives..I am sure she is crazy, especially after a day like this one!

      I talked my grandson into wearing a straw hat. I told him it would keep him cooler and better still, it would keep the flies off his face. I told him that when you are working, those pesky flies make it worse.  He told me , “It’s too hot to work today pa-pa!”  There, that proves it… even my three-year old grandson is smarter than my sister 😮

      One thing for sure, the green head flies that bite the horses are in rare form today. I think they may even be biting each other! The horses are very glad to be in the dark, cool barn away from those relentless biting critters, anyway ” it’s too hot for working” … even my little grandson knows that!


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