Who Needs Directions?
July 10, 2012, 1:56 pm
Filed under: July 2012

The weathervane on the horse barn

                                                       July 10, 2012

      There is a horse on our farm that is always in his right place and on the job. He points the way of the wind and adorns our horse barn. Putting him up there was no easy task, but it was worth it. I look up at him often as part of my weather ritual … Farmers are all about the weather 😮  Right now it’s too dry, but that is another issue.

      Last weekend my wife and I had to do some travelling in Cleveland, Ohio. I was NEVER lost, but several times I was not where I wanted to be. I guess if you grew up there, it is an easy place to get around. I grew up in a small town without even one stop light. I was definitely not in my element.

      I did find my way and except for a string of cuss words, way too often, we travelled unscathed. I never had trouble finding which direction I was going. I know north from south and east from west. It’s not my fault that the roads kept getting confused 😮

      Back here at home, I can get anywhere and yet a horse constantly points the way for me. I guess it’s a little bit like my life. Horses have always helped me find my way. If I had been driving a horse last weekend I wouldn’t have missed my turns..they go slower.

      I am not the only one who likes my weathervane. The birds consider it an outside toilet. I guess it’s a good thing that the horse sits high atop the barn. The unsightly and stinky bird droppings are just far enough away not to bother us… Kind of reminds me of Cleveland … just kidding neighbors 😮


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