Waiting On The Rain
July 12, 2012, 1:57 pm
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Finished up the brush hogging

                                                                July 12, 2012

      The pastures have all been mowed. We now wait for the rain. It is very dry and all the plants need a drink. We are watering the pumpkins and once in a while, the garden, but are waiting on the rain.

      Last season we battled the wet weather. This year it is the opposite. Farming is a wonderful occupation, hard work and weather dependant.  Some of the best farmers in the world have failed due to the weather in times past. Now, some new farmers stand on the brink of disaster. Corn shrivels up in the fields, despite his best efforts.

      We are dry , but so far not in the condition I just described. We have gotten rain, but still are behind and in need of moisture. I will cultivate the garden in the hope that whatever water comes, sinks in and will replenish the plants. The grass pastures, now dormant, will spring back to life once the rain comes.

      I have not been stuck in the mud since early spring. Getting stuck was purely my fault. I don’t always make the best decisions and that time was one of them. It’s so hard now, that falling on the ground hurts. I know, you see,  fat men should not chase running boar hogs … they stumble and fall 😮 The pig is fine. I scraped up my hand, my knee and my pride … just a little.


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We too, feel your pain. The radio station on the way to work announced that we are in a “catagory 2” drought in our region. That means no watering the lawn or car washing,etc,etc. Some of the local farmers here are now feediing hay, mostly last years older hay but some have to tap into their new crop. We are starting to see adds for cattle,sheep and goats for sale due to no pasture. Alot of city folks think it’s great but farmers know different. We all wait and pray now for some moisture for the land.

Comment by Greg Wright

No rain here yet, but looks like a good chance for the next few days…our fingers are crossed!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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