Sweet Corn!
July 29, 2012, 3:22 pm
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                                                   July 29, 2012 

     Today we enjoyed fresh sweet corn. It was grown locally by a produce farmer. It was delicious! It is so funny how that first sweet corn of the season opens up a flood of memories… and makes a guy’s eyes bigger than his belly.

      I am reminded of picnics and dinners of my youth where sweet corn was almost the entire menu. Later in the summer, fresh tomatoes and potatoes were added to the table, but those first meals when the corn became ripe were awesome 😮

      Our first planting of this years corn did not do well. I turned in under and planted again. That planting too came up sporadic at best. I am sure that we got some bad seed. It happens I guess. The drought is also playing havoc with the growing corn, but I think we will get enough to fill the freezer.

      This year I planted sweet corn in the plastic mulch rows with the pumpkins. It is just now making ears, but I believe it was a successful venture. We only had to weed the crop once. That job only involved pulling weeds from the holes in the plastic, from where the corn grows.

      I would say, check out your local growers, find a source of local, fresh sweet corn and schedule a party. You can invite friends and neighbors, or just family… and if nobody else comes you can have a party in your mouth!

      It is the simple things in life that make it so very wonderful. Fresh sweet corn, garden ripe tomatoes or the first bite from a tree ripened peach can make your taste buds roar. These things are awesome and don’t even touch on the scent of a favorite perfume or the feeling of a sweet kiss that lingers on your lips. Yep, for me it will always be the simple things! … Now, pass the butter!


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