Celebration in the Straw
July 31, 2012, 1:18 pm
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Re-baling Straw

                                                      July 31, 2012

     It is a celebration here today. After almost two seasons, I have fixed my small square baler and have it tieing knots like it is new! I am so impressed with myself that I can’t believe it. I am not the most mechanical guy, but I figured this one out… and it actually works 😮

     The large bales of straw that we are rebaling, have been stored inside since last summer. They are just as dry and nice as the day they were made. I am very happy to be putting them into small square bales. The small bales go up in the hay loft above the horse barn. It is like money in the bank!

     The straw was made from my last crop of speltz. That straw is the best in my opinion. It is absorbent, bright and easily broken down. The soils love it almost as much as the baby pigs. I will have just enough to get us to next year when the speltz crop will be once again harvested.

     I am having a great day watching the bales get tied knot after knot. The little knotted bales keep coming out of the baler like turds out of a rabbit. Yep, it’s a great day here!

     They say,” Hillbillies Love it in the Hay” , but this hillbilly is having a celebration in the straw!


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I am so happy for you big guy !! I only know too well the feeling of defeat when things don’t work out and the soaring feeling of happiness when things do work (at your own hands).

Good job (take a bow-you earned it!!)


Comment by Greg Wright

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