But I like it up here .. Mom
August 1, 2012, 12:27 pm
Filed under: August 2012

King resting right in front of the door

                                                  August 1, 2012

     King likes to lay right in front of our door. He is a big lump to step over now that he is half-grown. It wasn’t bad when he was a little guy, but now it’s a bit of a challenge.

     My wife is trying to convince him to lay down on the cool concrete floor, or perhaps in his cage. So far, King sleeps on the floor only about half of the time. The rest of the time you can find him by the door.

     My wife asks him, “Don’t you want to lay on the floor buddy?” He looks guilty, almost pouty as if to say, “I like it up here.. mom” She is a sucker for the long face, so I think King will be our doormat for a long time 😮

     Today I am re-baling some big round bales of hay. The small square baler continues to work like a charm. The sun is hot. The work is a bit hard, but very rewarding. I am smiling and I do see why … Hillbillies love it in the hay!

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