Still working at it
August 7, 2012, 6:31 am
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Another load for the woodshed

                                                      August 7, 2012

     I thought that we might get done yesterday with the last big pieces of wood. I was wrong. There is still another bunch that will yield another good-sized load of firewood. The woodshed is filling up and these last two loads should do it.

     We picked a nice day for splitting yesterday afternoon. The temps were in the lower 80’s with a nice breeze. The humidity was low, but still this old man soaked his clothes as we worked on the wood. That wood really does warm you twice… once when you cut it and again when you burn it 😮

     Today is opening day of our county fair. We are not exhibiting anything. I had plans for a few items, but forgot to turn the paperwork in on time. Now, I will go look at other people’s stuff as I wait until next year.

     The drought continues, even after a half an inch of rain Sunday. This is pretty bad. I really feel for the mid-western farmers, not to mention my neighbors. Prices will soar because of this and we will all feel it.

     It is a foggy, cool morning, this morning. It’s more like early September than August. The gate was even cool this morning as I let the horses inside. Crazy weather, that is for sure. The mid-summer flower blooms have all gone. Only a very few. still grace the landscape.

     The garden will soon be in full swing as the balance of that harvest starts. We will can and freeze and sweat in the hot kitchen… It’s a little like the sugarwood, we’re not done, but we’re still working at it 😮


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