I’m Bushed
August 10, 2012, 8:07 am
Filed under: August 2012

King, sound asleep before the flash

                                                   August 10, 2012

     After a stretch of night shifts and splitting firewood, I crashed yesterday and slept most of it away. King too, found sleep to be a good option. We made several trips to the woodpile and back in the heat and humidity.

     They said we would get some rain, but so far once again, most of it has missed our farm. It looks like another chance today, so we shall see if the life-giving moisture comes in time.

     What a difference a year makes. Last year we were in the wettest season that I could remember. This year, it is the opposite problem. I guess we should be thankful, so far the pastures are holding out, hay has been made and stored and the sugar wood is split stacked and drying.

     Soon it will be time to start the soil preparation for fall grains. I think I will only plant speltz. I need the grain for the horses and oh, how I like that straw! It would be hard to get a plow in the ground right now, but I am sure the rain will come.

     We will start or logging project in the next few days. I need to get moving on the pig barn addition. If I wait too much longer, the snow will be flying before I get it finished. Driving nails with cold fingers is tough. Hitting cold thumbs with a hammer is awful 😮

     I am refreshed today, thanks to the sleep. My mind and soul will soon be refreshed too, as I spend time on this piece of heaven, of which I have been blessed.



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