Too Tired
August 21, 2012, 4:53 pm
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King … Too “Tired”

                                                   August 21, 2012

     After chasing his tire, King gets pooped. It is funny to watch him lumber off after the rolling plaything. He is actually very quick, he just looks a bit clumsy from his puppy way of doing things. Today, I know how he feels.

     Today we cut down the white pine trees to be milled into lumber for the pig barn addition. The weather was perfect, but my back was a little “ouchy”. The job took us until just after lunch. It went very well.

     We took the logs to the mill and unloaded them. The pine sap flowed freely from the fresh-cut wood. We got pretty well soaked with the sticky stuff. It gets everywhere, on clothes, in your hair and on everything that you touch… Thank goodness for the power of “Pine-Sol” baby! 😮

     Once we returned home from the log delivery, I tried to do a couple of simple jobs. I felt like I was dragging my leg behind me. Now, as I write, the pain is shooting down my leg and out my toes. I guess I have abused my body a little too much over the years. A trip to the chiropractor, a day of rest and I should be back on the mend.

     My dad used to tell a corny joke; Why is a bicycle slower than a car?           Because it’s too tired!   Today I feel a little like the dog and the joke. I think I will quit for the day. Chores are done, horses are resting and its raining on and off … perfect time to say enough… for today 😮


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