Holes, Poles and a New Project
August 22, 2012, 8:57 pm
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Pig barn addition underway

                                                                August 22, 2012

     Today we started on the pig barn addition. It will give us two more nice stalls. The alleyway makes moving pigs, feed and manure a breeze. The little barn works very well, so why try to improve on what works?

     I had to rent an auger. We used to have one, but then I thought… when will we ever use that thing again? Then sold it…this makes twice since then, that I had to rent one. My back is too sore to try to dig by hand… and hey, that is as good an excuse as anything 😮

     My hired hand will soon be back in school in the carpentry class. He had a good day today as we laid out the building and set up the poles. The concrete floor comes next. Once the concrete has been laid, the rest of the building material should be ready.

     The logs will be sawed by the time the cement has been put down. Our white pine trees will take on a new life in the form of our pig barn. The wood will keep the pigs safe and warm and provide a home… not just a barn. Home is where comfort, security and love is found…the pig barn is no different.

     We will build the barn in the next few weeks. I will try to teach my helper all that I know about building. It will be a short lesson, but given the best way that I know. He will get hands on experience as well as doing the climbing for this aging man. We both will get something out of the experience, but the hogs will benefit the most.

     On a farm there is lots of work to do. Projects like this one just spice up the mundane. It is nice to see a project completed, knowing that you had a hand in it. This one is a bit more special, because of using the pine trees and mentoring a young man…..  I do love this life!


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