Let’s Give Them Something to Squawk About
August 30, 2012, 7:12 am
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Hens on and off the nest

                                                     August 30, 2012

     Our hens like the new coop, but were laying all in one nest. I was at a flea market the other day and bought a stone egg from a lady. I brought the egg home and put it in the middle nest box. The hens squawked about it for hours, but are now laying in at least two places.

     It was funny, the fuss they raised on that first day. You would have thought they would pack up and leave. One would cluck loudly and another would start cackling. The next thing you know, the whole house was abuzz with hen chatter.

     I guess it is much like us humans. We don’t like change too much either. There is clucking and cackling, usually in the form of complaints and gripes, but it is disruptive just the same. I hate change…especially at first!

     My wife recently moved the trash can. I still am not 100% used to it. I am having a tough time with my teabag 😮 Perhaps it comes from working with animals, they aren’t too crazy about change either…ask any cow has had to change stantions…she doesn’t like it at all!

     Earlier this summer, I moved a bee hive. I only moved it about 100 feet. Those girls were not happy with me at all. They kept going to their old spot. Many of them spent a night on an old brick. I did finally convince them to stay with their hive, but it was a struggle.

     At work we are told to “embrace change” to position ourselves for the global market. I am like the cow looking for her old stantion. I do finally get there, but I’m not happy about it 😮 Heck, I still struggle with the whole trash can move thing!

     My wife says it’s good for me to have some “excitement” in my life. So she moves the canister set around just for fun…yep, then I can’t even find the tea bags. I will say that growing older has made me a better person, maybe it is all the changes? I don’t know, so I will just say, “Let’s give them something to squawk about!”


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Don’t move the garbage can, tea bags or the clock in the house…just asking for trouble. (Especially for those who have morning at night and night in the morning)

Comment by Charlie

I hadn’t even thought about moving the clock! Oh dear!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

So true. I am definately a creature of habit. Great blog.

Comment by Dianne

Thank you Dianne for taking the time to tell me you like the blog. I hope I can hold your attention for a long time :o)

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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