Pig Barn Addition
September 18, 2012, 10:45 pm
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Waiting on the front windows

                                               September 18, 2012

     After two, ten-hour days, the pig barn addition is complete, except for installing the two front windows. The large sliding window shown in the photo, I found along side of the road with a free sign on it. It had been in a yard sale, but didn’t sell. It will sure work nice for this project.

     Yesterday was a beautiful day. I woke early and got a good start. I got the last of the speltz planted, while my youngest son helped my buddy get started on the addition. I joined them late in the afternoon, but by days end yesterday, we were about half way done.

     Today started out rainy. We went at it anyway, working under the new roof. We worked on bracing and siding while the rain drizzled down. Mid-day there was a break in the weather. We grabbed that opportunity to rip off the roof on the old part of the barn.

     We made a make-shift scaffolding out of my horse wagon. We used the skid steer to lift the shingles. With an eye on the sky, we started nailing down shingles as fast as we could. We had four pieces of the cap left to lay down, when the rain came. It pounded down just long enough to soak us through, then let up to a drizzle that lasted for the next several hours.

     We put the rest of the siding on, installed the window and re-fitted the old door. We made needed repairs to the door, but put it right back on the end of the barn. It fit like a glove. The barn only waits for the ordered windows to come and be installed. I can finish that project in less than an hour.

     The speltz fields benefited from the rain, as did the trees and pastures. It has been a long summer void of rain, so even though I was wet to my socks, it was a good thing to feel the rain… Okay maybe not when it soaks in from the skidsteer seat 😮  BUT, it did not dampen my feeling of accomplishment, as we put the tools away.

     The new part of the pig barn will be a sort of nursery for recently weaned piglets. The well-lit space will make them feel good, even in the darkest days of winter. The sliding window will let in a nice breeze when needed, while protecting from the harsh winds. I can envision little piglets laying in fresh bright straw, soaking up the afternoon sun through that big window…makes me smile almost as much as finishing this project.


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