Chasing Firewood
September 17, 2012, 10:54 pm
Filed under: September 2012

Trailer load of free wood, just for picking it up

                                                          September 17, 2012

     I have been chasing my tail. I am trying to get several projects started and finished. I got a call from a friend who had a couple of trees he was taking down. Yep, free for the taking. I just had to go get it. I cut it into manageable pieces and he even loaded it for me!

     The sugar house  woodshed is full for the 2013 season. I am starting on the wood I will need in 2014. No time like the present to get ahead a little 😮  Chasing firewood is a job that I will do happily, at least as long as I am able to work the sugarbush.

     I had been working in the fields getting them ready for speltz planting. I am glad to have had help from our farm’s hired man. He stayed in the saddle so to speak, and got the fields ready. I was working on some other stuff like getting the grain drill ready, while he disced and dragged the fields smooth.

     Planting spelt and building a pig barn addition are first on my list. I hope to complete them by the end of the week. The rain is coming, planting is first, even if it means a late night. No headlights on the horses makes  tail-chasing  a bit tougher, but we are managing just the same…. don’t even ask about the squash harvest… that job is underway too!


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