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September 14, 2012, 2:44 pm
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Pig Barn Lumber… Ready to build!

                                              September 14, 2012

     Last evening I had more commitments than time. I needed to be 50 miles south of home to pick up speltz seed before dark. I also had scheduled a concrete truck to come today at 8:00 am. I still had to get the pig barn floor ready to pour…. oops… overlap 😮

     I decided that the young man who works for me would learn about the preparation work for concrete. The pad would only be twelve feet by sixteen feet in size. It would be a good first project for him and a very big help to me.

     I explained what was needed, gave a little guidance and turned him loose. When he was about half way done, I offered some more direction and helpful hints. I then took off to get the speltz seed.

     I returned home about midnight. I checked the, soon to be floor, area out. The boy had done a very good job. He was precise in his measurements and correct in his efforts. He had installed “grade stake” to ensure proper thickness. The cement wire had been cut and was ready nearby. Clearly, he understood the directions and more importantly, had followed them to the letter.

     The cement truck arrived promptly at 8:00 am. this morning. I was glad to have had everything ready. We laid the concrete just in time. An afternoon rain wetted our drying slab, helping to cure the cement slowly adding strength as it dried. This whole project is succesful, because I had faith in a young guy whom I knew would give me his best effort.

     I know that I have instilled a little more confidence into a growing man. It is confidence that is well deserved. I have seen this type of self-esteem building work before in young men. I know that it worked for me when I was young and I have seen it in my sons.

     I got to see the results again this morning as my son and his buddy, who spent many days playing and growing here as a boy, put the concrete down. They worked together, had fun and did a great job. I will not take credit for their ability, but I will take partial credit for giving them the confidence to work, by putting their best effort forward.

     Success is measured in many ways. I try to live by the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson who said  “Making a difference in just one person’s life, is to have succeeded in life.”  I am happy that I can say, that if it all ends tomorrow… I am a success.


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