Pooling My Thoughts
September 11, 2012, 8:36 pm
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The back pond and sugarhouse

                                                         September 11, 2012

     It seems like the perfect time for getting lost in my thoughts. September is the month that I lost my mom and the World Trade Center was destroyed. Thirty years ago I had a close friend killed, while taking water to a needy family in a fire truck. There are many reasons to be sad or even angry, but I will instead find the good in the month called September.

     My youngest son got married last year in September. One of my favorite aunts has a birthday this month and “hee-hee”, she is older than me 😮 I have calves coming in a week or two and September begins the season of autumn, a favored time of year for me.

     Winter is fast approaching and it seems that I still have plenty to do, so taking a few hours to just reflect on my memories and thoughts is relaxing and healthy for me. I sit quiet while my mind works out the details, my body rests and my heart floods with memories of my favorite things and people too.

     It is during times such as these that I allow myself to look backwards. It is good to see how much I have accomplished, instead of fretting over what I still want to do. I am usually very satisfied and often make a mental list to keep me revived. Some days, I have to really think hard to keep from falling into the abyss called despair.

     Life is full of drama, living without getting caught up in the small stuff can sometimes be a giant challenge. I have to focus, stay on course and remain steadfast to keep from drowning in the thing called ‘Life”. I am blessed to have family, friends, my farm and a sense of purpose to keep me grounded.

     I have had my share of disappointments and bumps along the way so far, but the good things far out weigh any of the bad. The twists and turns help to define me and make me who I am. I am just a man, full of imperfections and failures, but encased mostly in a positive attitude, blessed beyond measure and joyful with a glad heart.

     Like the pond in the picture, I will reflect on some of my most cherished life experiences. I will learn from the bad ones, celebrate the good ones and plan to make more. I will recharge my batteries, make a new list, define a goal, set my sights and go after it!  All of this made possible by a few moments of silence, while I pool my thoughts.


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You can’t imagine how surprised I am to read that I am just “one” of your favorite aunts! And rubbing in the “old” part isn’t funny – but you ain’t that far behind! Enjoy every day.

Comment by Aunt June

Yesterday at work, I was described as “everybody’s grandfather” by a young engineer…. Funny, I never think of myself that way… He did go on to say that making me angry was not in anyone’s best interest 😮 So, in that case “old” was very funny!

Comment by Ralph aka Beaver

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