Wanna Come Out and Play?
September 9, 2012, 1:20 pm
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King looking for Ralph

                                                  September 9, 2012

     It was the first time since very late June, that rain forced us inside for part of a day. King was in the breezeway drying off while I finished a cup of tea. He decided that break time was over. He sat on the outside stoop and was watching me sipping my tea, as if to say, “Wanna come outside and play?”

     In the last couple of days we got just over two inches of rain. It is a little late for most crops, but the late sweet corn, the pastures, the hay fields and the trees are all greedily drinking up the moisture. There is even some mud and standing water around.

     Yesterday in the rain, I picked up our sawed out lumber for the pig barn addition. I also bought some insulating panels off of a man who I knew as a very little boy. I had moved his grandparents over into Pennsylvania some twenty years ago. It was fun to catch up on twenty years of news, reminisce and re-establish a friendship. The young man builds buggies and road carts. He does an awesome job!

     Last night I was brush mowing down around the sugarhouse and in a few tight corners of a small pasture. I had the mis-fortune of mowing over a ground hornet’s nest. It was a little cool last evening so the aggressive man biters were a little slow. They did get me three times however,  before I got out of there. Today, I am a little itchy in those spots, but no worse for wear. Thankfully, they didn’t fly up my pant leg 😮

     Next week looks full. I hope to plant speltz and prep the ground for them. I hope to also pour some cement by weeks end. The cement is for the pig barn floor. I hope to get it done before the walls go up…great time to stay focused… Sorry, not much time for play 😮


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