Enjoying the late days of Summer
September 6, 2012, 9:15 pm
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A couple of our Free Range hens

                                                 September 6, 2012

         Our hens sure do enjoy the large two acre pasture that is their free range lot. They have the run of that whole pasture. Pumpkins and squash are growing there too. The hens hide in the tall weeds and grass in search of grasshoppers. They are having a grand time.

      It reminds me of our children. They too had boundaries, but were free to roam inside of those lines. They, like the hens, were expected to produce. Their jobs back in the day were homework, taking out the trash or helping around the farm. The hens are expected to deliver eggs in exchange for their keep.

      Everything is good when the boundaries are not tested, but every once in a while, the line must be held. It is for their own good. Escaped hens become victims of wildlife or roaming dogs. Children who cross the line find themselves in harm’s way by doing wrong.

      We have all tested the boundaries and probably still do … ever speed or roll a stop sign?  The important thing is to know the boundaries, enforce those rules and keep in the lines ourselves. Our kids have given us a few gray hairs and tense moments, but all -in-all, everything has been okay. I am thankful for that.

      I realized that boundaries keep us safe, show us love and perhaps even define us a bit. Lawlessness causes chaos, makes for unruly children and bad adults, so a little chastising goes a long way. Expressing your disappointment in someone will not kill them, but may make for a life changing event that channels their life in a positive direction.

      As we enjoy the last days of summer, I will watch the animals lazily enjoying the pastures and their freedom. Children are back in school but still enjoying a good romp outside before sundown. The chickens are in before dark … and the kids had better be home before the street lights come on!


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