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September 4, 2012, 2:01 pm
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King, keeps an eye on the chickens

                                             September 4, 2012

     King is watching over the chickens…well that is how I see it. Maybe he is keeping an eye “on” the chickens, while visions of dumplings dance in his head 😮 He is a good watch dog, so with that I mind I will continue to think that he is watching “over” them.

     The rains are elusive, only a sprinkle touched us today. The humidity, however, is in full swing embracing us all. These last days of late summer are always a mixed bag. One day it may only be in the fifties and raining. A flannel shirt feels good against a guy’s skin. The next day a shirt may not even be necessary, as the heat engulfs your body. No fear however, autumn will soon be here and with it,  the days for homemade soup!

     Currently, I am hoping for a few more dry days…after a short rain of course. I am crowding several projects into these waning days of summer. If those sunny days that have been our summer this year, will hold on for just a couple more stretches… I think I can get them done.

     It’s funny how an off-farm job cuts in to my farming time, yet allows me many things to make farming possible. I guess, like the weather, it is a mixed bag. One more thing to balance or perhaps even juggle, but worth the effort…for now at least.

     I stand here in  my middle age, looking back at what I have accomplished while looking ahead at my plans. There are a few things I might change if I could do them over, but it has been a learning experience that is for sure.

     I look on the past  with no regret and look to the future with faith and hope. I have enough plans to fill my life. I have enough intestinal fortitude to get it done as long as my plan matches that of God’s. I guess in the meantime, I will continue to forge ahead, my feet and mind planted in the soil, my hand following the desire of my heart and my soul leading the way…if only by holding the hands of those who went before me.

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Well said…I am always inspired by your posts.

Comment by bethany fleming

Thank you Bethany for your kind words.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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