A wagon load of Promise
September 26, 2012, 7:52 am
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A wagon load of pumpkins at Marvin’s

                                              September 26, 2012

     Yesterday I took the last of my pumpkins and squash to the produce auction. I proudly wheeled the last two pallets into their place at the auction. I then went to my friend Marvin’s farm to haul a load for him too.

     When I arrived at his farm, pumpkins were the order of the day. There was a wagon load waiting to be unloaded and another one waiting to be filled. Pumpkins were placed neatly on the lawn and a youngster was hosing them off. Several other children were working at the produce washer, washing and sorting squashes.

     The whole place was abuzz, as they prepared their farm products for the market. There were pallets all wrapped and ready to go. Bins of pie pumpkins, jack-o-lantern pumpkins and a couple of different kinds of squash ready to be loaded. Three pallets of mini straw bales waited along with the others to be sent off to market.

     I took in the entire scene, slowly processing it in my mind. I watched as Marv’s children worked together, the older ones working with the younger ones guiding them through the process. There was no bickering (well, not much 😮 ) as the children cleaned and washed the produce, loaded it into bins or boxes and made short work of a wagon load of produce.

     In short, it was nothing less than awesome as little hands and fingers worked quickly and efficiently as they chatted about school and the upcoming deer hunting season, while folding and filling boxes. They all worked together. Dad and mom were there, but were taking on smaller roles, now that the children were accomplished produce workers, after several seasons of that work.

     I realized that I was missing that piece of the puzzle. I didn’t have that support network of help…. well not yet anyway! I did get help in planting and some of the watering, but harvesting took place in the evenings, lasting until after dark. The work this year was done mostly by my hired man and his sister. They worked like troopers making short work of our little patch.

     I will adjust for next year, making sure to include many and make it fun. Our patch will be bigger next year, as we work towards another niche for our farm. As the workload increases, bringing the family into the mix will be necessary and a pleasure. A good old-fashioned “frolic” is in order. There is much truth in the biblical adage “many hands make light work.”

     There is more to it than just the work getting done, there is love. Everyone is in touch, if only for a day. Chatter and laughter fills the air and though we are all tired at the end of the day, it wasn’t work for anybody … It was fun…. and believe me, that … Is a wagon load of promise!


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Ralph we have 6 grandkids who I think would love to be apart of that along with Tom and I. Keep us posted!

Comment by Robin Terbizan

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